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Watch me fry turkeys in this episode of Unwrapped!  


  • THE NEW YORK TIMES. May 14, 2003  I was thrilled to have been featured in THE New York Times Food section 7 months after I migrated to the US.  What a Fresh Off the Boat experience!

  • METRO SOCIETY. 2005.  This publication defines itself as this:   

In our pages, we feature fascinating people that shape and influence business, fashion, lifestyle, arts, and culture. We show the people who matter and why they matter.

      It was an honor to have been featured in their pages!

  • MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS PHILIPPINES. September 2008.  The Wedding Cake I helped make made it to the cover of the maiden issue!

  • VATICAN NEWS.  January 2015.  When Pope Francis visited the Philippines, he had wanted to surprise one of his journalists with a birthday cake as she would be celebrating her birthday on the plane, back to Rome.  Two of our best selling cakes made their way to the Papal Plane!  Now, how much more can we be blessed?  What a humbling experience it was.

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