Listen to those who have tried our products!

Ginny- Redding, CT

Your MANGO BARS are special.  

I order from you to give to my  friends because it's unique.

Sylvia- Edison, NJ


melt in your mouth. Thank you again!

Daniela- Westport, CT

Thank you Kat!  Your (Chocolate Oblivion) cake was amazing.  Forward me your bakery email.  I want to share it with my friends.

Sylvia- Edison, NJ

Jackie- Weston, CT

Lourdes- Wilton, CT

The Strawberry Shortcake is a little slice of heaven! Perfect hot summer day treat!   

It was delish!!

Jane- Westport, CT

Your cupcakes were amazing! I passed along your name to my friends.

Kailie- Westport, CT

Thank you for the cupcake. The kids enjoyed it!

Ria, New York, NY

Ensaymada is amazing!  Love the taste and texture.  Super light and not too sweet. I love the size also.  Perfect for one sitting.

Karina- Fairfield, CT

Thank you so much for my gastronomic trip to heaven (and my unwanted 5 lbs gain from that trip!) but to tell you honestly.. best ensaymada I have had in the USA!!

Hannah- Williamsburg, VA

The Mango Bars were such a hit!!!  Everybody kept asking where I ordered the bars from.

Nina, New York, NY

I just wanted to say that your Sans Rival is really good.  I love it!  Thanks again for bringing your goodies to NYC!

Jackie- Weston, CT

Mango Bars were a big hit-- Hannah has always loved them! 

Thanks so much!

Cybelle- New York, NY

Your Mango Torte and Ensaymada Cupcakes were a hit at my dinner last night and picnics this afternoon.