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Listen to those who have tried our products!

Ginny C.- Redding, CT

Your MANGO BARS are special.  

I order from you to give to my  friends because it's unique.

Sylvia R.- Edison, NJ


melt in your mouth. Thank you again!

Daniela L.- Westport, CT

Thank you Kat!  Your (Chocolate Oblivion) cake was amazing.  Forward me your bakery email.  I want to share it with my friends.

Sylvia- Edison, NJ

Jackie- Weston, CT

Lourdes H.- Wilton, CT

The Strawberry Shortcake is a little slice of heaven! Perfect hot summer day treat!   

It was delish!!

Jane A. - Westport, CT

Your cupcakes were amazing! I passed along your name to my friends.

Kailie R.- Westport, CT

Thank you for the cupcake. The kids enjoyed it!

Ria P.- New York, NY

Ensaymada is amazing!  Love the taste and texture.  Super light and not too sweet. I love the size also.  Perfect for one sitting.

Karina E.- Fairfield, CT

Thank you so much for my gastronomic trip to heaven (and my unwanted 5 lbs gain from that trip!) but to tell you honestly.. best ensaymada I have had in the USA!!

Hannah L.- Williamsburg, VA

The Mango Bars were such a hit!!!  Everybody kept asking where I ordered the bars from.

Nina- New York, NY

I just wanted to say that your Sans Rival is really good.  I love it!  Thanks again for bringing your goodies to NYC!

Jackie A.- Weston, CT

Mango Bars were a big hit-- Hannah has always loved them! 

Thanks so much!

Cybelle A.- New York, NY

Your Mango Torte and Ensaymada Cupcakes were a hit at my dinner last night and picnics this afternoon. 

Gina P.- Copley, OH

Your ensaymadas were the best I've tasted! They reminded me of a childhood snack of Star Margarine on sliced bread, sprinkled with sugar! Only yours is way better! Eating one is not enough!!

John L.- Greenwich, CT

THANK YOU again.  The Mango Bars were a big hit at the party.... I don't normally eat lemon Bars, but theseI really enjoyed.  Then the almond brittle-- it didn't even make it home!

Christina S.- Weston, CT

Not sure how I can pick a favorite of your amazing creations but this one (Lemon Torte) might be it.  Everyone LOVED it!!!

Thanks again!!

Polly G.- New Canaan, CT

The Strawberry Shortcake was delicious!!!

Everyone loved it.

Kai D .- Brooklyn, NY

Can't get enough of

the ensaymadas!  I woofed one down IMMEDIATELY.  It's out of this world!!! Okay, now to hide the box....

Steph C.- New York, NY

The Sansrival was SO good.  My friend loved the Mango Torte.  She liked that it was not too sweet.

Tricia C.- New York, NY

OMG!  The Queso Ice Cream is amazing.  I could cry.  I thought I could only find it back home.

Amelia V.
Fairfield University Mom

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My son said your baked goods are muy delicious! Truly unique.

Sarah O.

Fairfield University Mom

Love love love!!!

Thank you so much for baking Strawberry Shortcake for my daughter.  I really appreciate everything.  It was all gone.  

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